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Parchman Farm to be April Museum Moments topic

Parchman Farm book "Parchman Farm: Mississippi's State penitentiary in the 1930's will be discussed by its aurhors, Bryan King and Kate Stewart.

On Thursday, April 18, 2019 Kate Stewart, PhD. and Brian King will tell the story of Alice Stewart’s experiences at Parchman Farm. Alice Stewart was Head Nurse at Parchman from 1930-1939.  Stewart and King are authors of the new book, Parchman Farm: Mississippi’s State Penitentiary in the 1930’s.

A light lunch will be provided at 11:30, courtesy of Friends of the Library. The discussion will begin at noon.

The public is invited to this Museum Moments event at the Union County Heritage Museum, at 114 Clevelant St. in New Albany.

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