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Prohibition of e-cigarettes to be enforced by City of New Albany

e-cigarettes Prohibition of e-cigarettes, often called vaping, to be enforced in New Albany.

In the City of New Albany, the use of “e-cigarettes,” often called “vaping” is forbidden in the same places that prohibit the use of tobacco. City officials say strict enforcement will henceforth include the use of e-cigarettes or similar devices that produce vapor that is inhaled.

Dr. Matt Rhinewalt, New Albany

Dr. Matt Rhinewalt, Internal Medicine and Pediatric Clinic, New Albany asked the doctors of the Internal Medicine and Pediatric Clinic (IMPC) of New Albany to provide our readers with information on the subject of vaping. What follows was written by Dr. Matt Rhinewalt, MD, of IMPC:

“Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) should not be an acceptable alternative to cigarettes. These devices expose the user and others around to carcinogens. Culturally, children and teens are seeing these as acceptable, leading to an explosion of use in the young population. Life-threatening nicotine accidental ingestions in small children have drastically increased with these devices, because of the ease of ingesting extraordinary amounts of liquid nicotine in many appealing flavors.  For this reason, a federal law was passed in 2016 that requires that the liquid nicotine be kept in child-proof packaging. Please resist the theory that this is acceptable.”

Editor’s Note: Section 14-7 of the New Albany City Code prohibits both tobacco use and e-cigarettes in virtually all public places. The prohibition includes business offices, retail stores, bars, restaurants, hotels and motels, schools, hospitals, daycare facilities, city property, etc. Vaping or tobacco use is also forbidden in any outdoor space that is 25 feet or less from the entrance of any building where such is prohibited. The city ordinance provides for a fine of $50 for any first offense and $250 for subsequent offences by individuals. Property owners or managers who allow vaping or tobacco use in places where they are prohibited are also subject to fines ranging from $100 to $500.

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