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Sheriff, police chief announce more arrests regarding stolen farm tractors

Stolen farm tractors New Albany Police Chief, Chris Robertson, and the Union County Sheriff, Jimmy Edwards discuss arrests in the recent investigation of stolen farm tractors.

Arrests of more local individuals accused in connection with numerous stolen farm tractors were announced Thursday afternoon, March 29th.

“Several search warrants have been conducted in our area and have resulted in the recovery of approximately half a million dollars worth of stolen tractors and equipment,” Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said Thursday afternoon. “The tractors were stolen here in Mississippi, in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee. They have been recovered after having been brought here and sold here to individuals.”

The most recent arrests include:

Stolen farm tractors

Lee Goolsby

Lee Goolsby, age 72: six more theft charges, in addition to two other grand larceny charges brought against him last week by the New Albany Police Department (NAPD). Goolsby has had other criminal convictions going back scores of years.

stolen farm tractors

Michael Young

Michael Young, age 34: four counts of receiving stolen property and two counts of mutilating VIN numbers.

Blake Roberts, age 52 (No photo available): receiving stolen property.

Charles David Snipes, age 67(No photo available): receiving stolen property.

“We have one more arrest to make of an individual for receiving stolen property,” Edwards said.

New Albany Police Chief Chris Robertson and Sheriff Edwards said the investigation is continuing and more arrests may be made.

Robertson and Edwards said that, in addition to NAPD and the Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO), other law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation include investigators from the office of District Attorney Ben Creekmore, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture (MDA) theft bureau.

Left to right: Mark Cossett, NAPD; Jeff Chism, NAPD; Chief Chris Robertson, NAPD; Sheriff Jimmy Edwards, UCSO: Keith Suttlemyers, Mississippi Department of Agriculture Theft Bureau; Brian Carpenter, UCSO; Chris Chappell, UCSO; and Barron Baker, UCSO

stolen farm tractors

Jack Rowan

After the public announcement of the current results of the investigation, one more arrest was made. Jack Rowan, age 72 was arrested at 4:13PM today and charged with receiving stolen property. This brings the current total to five arrests in this investigation.

Anyone with additional knowledge about stolen farm equipment is asked to contact local law enforcement or the MDA theft bureau.


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  1. Let us know what happens to them. Seems like they are trying to keep it hush-hush.

  2. Yo mamma // April 23, 2018 at 1:14 PM //

    Hmmmm….insurance fraud? Yeah this is a shady little town that tries to keep it all hush 🤫
    Making meth in the county jail I heard at one time

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