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Officials still silent on tractor investigation, may release details tomorrow

tractor investigation John Deere tractors at the impoundment area of the Union County Sheriff's Office.

Details are still not available regarding the ongoing tractor investigation involving several John Deere tractors impounded by local law enforcement officials earlier this week.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards told Wednesday afternoon that he expects to be able to release additional information, Thursday, Mar. 29.

It is known that an investigation involving the New Albany Police Department (NAPD), the Union County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO), and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) has been on-going for ten days or longer. has been told that multiple law-enforcement agencies are working with the office of District Attorney Ben Creekmore to investigate and determine whether additional arrests will be made in the tractor investigation case.

Lee Goolsby, age 71 of Union County, was arrested by the NAPD last week and charged with larceny in connection with the theft of a John Deere tractor stolen in New Albany. The tractor was found and recovered on property Goolsby owns in Pontotoc County.

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