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Supervisors’ April 2: jail computer system, expanded rural water service

Board of Supervisors' April 2 meeting

A new computer system for the county jail and expanded rural water service were discussed at the Board of Supervisors’ April 2 meeting.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Johnny Bell told the Union County Board of Supervisors that a computer system used at the county jail will no longer be usable after April 30th. Bell said the company that provides the current system is going out of business. Bell had asked for help from the Three Rivers Planning and Development District in deciding how to replace the computer system.

Josh Sullivan of Three Rivers recommended that the county purchase a new computer system for the county jail from Tiger Corrections Services of Jonesboro, AR. Sullivan said the system, hardware and software, would cost the county $6,500. When asked about delivery, Sullivan told the board that they would have to make a decision immediately to hope to receive delivery of the new system by the end of the month. Sullivan said no competing system would meet the county’s needs and be available on such short notice. Sullivan said support for the new county jail computer system would cost $4,900 per year.

The board voted unanimously to purchase the $6,500-computer system on an emergency basis, subject to the approval of County Attorney Chandler Rogers, who would not be available until Tuesday, April 3rd.

The supervisors learned that a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) had been made available to the county that will allow expanding rural water services to 30 additional households. District Four Supervisors Randy Owen said the additional homes which will enjoy water service are in the eastern part of the county.

The board approved the minutes of meetings held during march and approved the “claims docket,” which means they routinely approved paying the county’s bills. The board conducted other routine business including approving the April work schedule for the road department and payment of routine fees due to county officials.


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