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TRP announce line-up instructions for Christmas parade

On November 30th, next Monday, starting at 7 pm, the NA/UC Christmas Parade will happen in the streets of downtown New Albany, with a “Story Book Christmas”.

We will start lining up at 6:15pm as follows:

Floats will line up in the City Parking lot beside the library. The lines will be formed as you arrive. We will not have numbered places, so as to make line up easier.

Fire Trucks will also line up in the City Parking lot, but you will first line up on Carter Avenue just in case you have to leave before the parade starts. At 6:45 you will start to move into place.

Walking groups will gather in the upper Library parking lot. Please make sure your group is together by no later than 6:40 pm. Your group must be ready to move when needed please.

Cars will line up on King Street beside the library.This is first come, first in line. Please be in place no later than 6:40 pm. For the Homecoming courts that want to stay together, you must line up together at the same time. We would suggest that you meet somewhere else then come all together for line up. This will ensure that you are lined up together and get moved out together for the parade.

Tractors, you will be lined up with the cars on King Street. Please be in place by 6:40 pm.

Bands you will gather in the parking area behind the police station.

Horses – riders, please gather at the parking area behind the bank.

The parade route is the same as last year:  enter onto Main Street, going in the direction of Freds, then east on Bankhead Street, up the hill past the Tanglefoot Plaza, past the Courthouse then disburse after the Methodist Church.

For those in the TRP, if you are interested in helping with this project, please let Evelyn Mason know by no later than Sunday by phone or email. Her number is 662-317-9275.  Workers, please gather at the upper parking lot no later than 6pm. We will take as many “boots on the ground” that we can.

Thank you for signing up for this Traditional event. It means a lot to our community!!

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