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Two arrested in Ingomar shooting incident

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One man is in a Memphis hospital with multiple gunshot wounds and two people are in the Union County jail following an Ingomar  shooting event yesterday evening.

Larry Walker, age 27

The shooting occurred sometime after 6 pm Saturday, March 17, at a residence on County Road 92 in the Ingomar community. Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said a man and a woman are in the county jail.

Larry Walker, age 27, is charged with attempted murder, marijuana possession and child endangerment. Murder charges against Walker would be expected if the victim does not survive.

Ingomar shooting

Nicole Vanranken, age 27

Nicole Vanvranken, age 27, is charged as an accessory after the fact and may face other charges.

A 9-year old child was at the shooting scene.

The victim was shot with a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. He was airlifted to a Memphis hospital, and his condition is unknown at the present time.

Considerable erroneous information was circulated on Facebook and other unofficial sources in the hours immediately following the shooting. may post additional information later today if it becomes available from official and dependable sources.

For more on this story: Child saw own father shot multiple times

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