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Two arrested in connection with recently seized tractors

stolen tractors arrests Lee Goolsby, 72, aand Michael Young, 34, arrested in connection with seized tractors

Two more arrests of Union County men have been made in the continuing investigation of stolen farm equipment.

Michael Young, age 34, was booked Wednesday evening, March 28, at the Union County jail on charges of receiving stolen property and “mutilation of VIN numbers” (Vehicle Identification Numbers).

Lee Goolsby, age 72, was also booked at the county jail Wednesday evening on charges selling stolen property.  Goolsby was previously arrested in connection with the theft of a John Deere model 72-20 tractor. It was reported that the tractor was stolen about a week earlier from a hayfield near Coulter Drive in New Albany. The tractor was reported to have been found on land Goolsby owns in Pontotoc County.

Local law enforcement officials have told that more information will be forthcoming before the end of the day.

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