Duties and Responsibilities of Union County Sheriff

November 1, 2019


Sheriff’s Duties and Responsibilities: The sheriff is the county’s chief law enforcement officer. A sheriff is charged with keeping the... (Read more)

Nobel prize parking

Mizzou Nobel winner donates $250,000, awarded “prize parking”

March 18, 2019


University of Missourt biology professor emeritus George P. Smith won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Smith recently donated the... (Read more)

Windham TV & Appliance

Reasons to Choose Windham TV & Appliance

October 22, 2018


Special to NAnewsweb.com REASONS TO CHOOSE WINDHAM TV & APPLIANCE Windham TV & Appliance has been serving Union County and... (Read more)

free tuition Univ. of Memphis

Univ. of Memphis first with tuition honoring fallen service members

July 19, 2018


The University of Memphis has announced plans to offer free tuition in honor of fallen service members. This good news... (Read more)

Richard Overton

Oldest living US veteran gets good news, bad news, good news

July 18, 2018


After being the object of a successful fundraiser, 112-year-old Richard Overton, the oldest living veteran in the US, fell victim... (Read more)

Church stamps millions in medical debt “Paid in Full”

April 9, 2018


Covenant Church of Carrollton, Texas, is one mega-church that does something with its money besides make it’s pastors and advertisers... (Read more)

Union County, MS: If it’s not bad news, it must be good news

March 12, 2018


On this sunny day, Monday, March 12, the first day of spring break, two little boys went missing in eastern... (Read more)

Old chairs bring new comfort to shelter animals

March 11, 2018


The Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg, Illinois, has come up with an idea to make the lives of their... (Read more)

Doctors cobble together ventilator to save plane passenger

March 7, 2018


Doctors Matthew Stevenson and John Flanagan saved a JetBlu passenger by constructing a makeshift ventilator. To see the story of... (Read more)

“Grand-Pa” scammer foiled by helpful Wal-Mart clerk

December 24, 2017


Cecil Rodgers of Cincinnati, Ohio, will be enjoying a happy Christmas with his family this year, rather than worrying over... (Read more)

Dutch cycle over “Worlds First 3-D Printed Bridge”

October 20, 2017


Dutch officials open a 26 foot bridge created by a 3-D printer. It is made of reinforced, pre-stressed concrete, and... (Read more)

good news

Good work guys! Cyclist heroes save motorists

August 10, 2017


Following a major pile-up after a highway accident, music business executives on their way to a motorcycle rally know just... (Read more)

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