New Albany MS Vic Hanson, Donald Trump as Chemotherapy

Vic Hanson on Trump: A sort of Chemotherapy

  We thought some readers might enjoy reading a perspective on Donald Trump by a serious scholar who is accustomed to taking a “long view” of things. He is rare among distinguished American academics in that he admires Trump. Victor Davis Hanson is a “classicist,” a scholar of ancient... (Read more)

New Albany MS Letter to Editor

Ed Meek and the Ole Miss ‘Finishing School’

November 14, 2019


It was the mid 1990s and our sons were looking at colleges. My husband Bodie had been Head Cheerleader at... (Read more)

New Albany MS Reevesssssss

RANT: gubernatorial choice: Hood or Reeves?

October 30, 2019


The important issues in the Mississippi governor’s race are buried under a rubbish heap of simplistic and strident attack ads.... (Read more)

New Albany MS History: Emmett Till body site

Steve Patterson: “Lest We Forget”

October 29, 2019

Steve Patterson

“and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free“ John 8:32″   Twelve years ago this... (Read more)

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