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Is it time to stop being fair and friendly?

By J. Lynn West New Albany’s motto is “The Fair and Friendly City.” I don’t know how long we have had that motto; quite possibly close to a century. There’s really nothing wrong with it. But it does sound a bit dated. And more to the point, it doesn’t say... (Read more)

Fred's sign

Loss of Fred’s still may prove to be win for city

December 19, 2019

Lynn West

It appears likely that the city will be able to purchase the former Fred’s building from the businessman who bought... (Read more)

New Albany MS Vic Hanson, Donald Trump as Chemotherapy

Vic Hanson on Trump: A sort of Chemotherapy

December 12, 2019


  We thought some NAnewsweb.com readers might enjoy reading a perspective on Donald Trump by a serious scholar who is... (Read more)

Anderson Grocery

Mourning the loss of the country store

December 10, 2019

Lynn West

Life is full of regrets large and small, and one is that I never got to interview Ms. Helen Anderson.... (Read more)

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