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Welborn selected to Orpheum S.T.A.R. Council

New Albany MS Welborn selected by Orpheum S.T.A.R. Laura Ruth Welborn will serve as an Orpheum S.T.A.R.

Laura Ruth Welborn, a junior at New Albany High School, has been selected to serve on the Orpheum’s S.T.A.R. Council.

The purpose of the Orpheum S.T.A.R. Council (Students Take A Role) is to provide students the opportunity to volunteer and gain a knowledge of the Orpheum Theatre and the Halloran Centre.

Participants learn what it takes to operate these facilities while volunteering at various events throughout the academic year. S.T.A.R. Council members help support the Saturday Series, engage in community projects, and serve as ambassadors for the Orpheum High School Musical Theatre Awards.

Melanie Shannon

Public Relations

New Albany Schools

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