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WordPress 5.0 anxiety seen in many website owners

There is a good deal of WordPress 5.0 anxiety apparent on the internet these days. We are not immune.’s website has been in operation for over three years, operating on a WordPress platform. WordPress operates about 75 million sites world-wide, which is about 44% of the total sites on the web. On December 4th, WordPress announced plans to roll out WordPress 5.0, a somewhat controversial core update, on December 6th.

Most members of the WordPress community are unsure what this update will bring. Primarily, it will install Gutenberg, a revolutionary new editing program. Though Gutenberg has been in the offing for some months, most website operators were surprised to hear of the impending installation. WordPress 5.0 anxiety is resulting from concerns that the update could cause major problems.

Believing that when one is dependent upon ever-changing technology, it is best to try to welcome the change, has decided not to opt out of WordPress 5.0. Should you experience problems accessing in the next few days, please know that we will be working to rectify the situation.

As always, we appreciate the support of our thousands of monthly readers.

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